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“ We saved € 42000, if you not more, per employee per year” Guarantee
We provide professional, efficient and personalized service to our clients and candidates. We ensure this by employing professionals that realize your needs and have a philosophy which is committed to providing a friendly and professional post-placement service. Continuum Workforce customizes each of our offerings to meet your unique needs and business challenges.
One thing you can be sure of when working with Continuum Workforce is that our team of consultants have all come to the organization with service industry backgrounds and a wealth of work experience, including staff management and recruitment, to their credit. They have all been in your shoes and really do understand the pressures upon you – which is why you’ll find it’s like a breath of fresh air when talking to us.
This is also the reason why our clients come back to Continuum Workforce every time when they are seeking new members of staff or looking for the right caliber people and why candidates recommend us to friends and colleagues time and time again.


RPO / Offshore recruitment

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing where third-party providers manage all or part of a company’s recruitment process. These solutions blend recruiters and technology to manage talent acquisition processes. RPO providers work with HR personnel and hiring managers by providing forecasting, sourcing, assessments, hiring, onboarding, and reporting, with the aim of streamlining the recruitment process.
Companies and HR departments leverage recruitment process outsourcing to reduce the cost-to-hire and time-to-hire, as well as improve the employer and candidate experience. RPO providers differ from recruitment agencies and staffing agencies in that they take ownership of the implementation and management of a company’s recruiting process.



Continuum Workforce specializes in recruiting the right talent, for the right roles, at the right times. Whether the focus on high level strategy or day-to-day tactics, our offerings span the entire recruiting life cycle.
We work diligently to quantify a return on your recruiting investment and deliver measurable value to you. We take a strategic approach to your recruitment needs, helping you focus on your immediate requirements. Our services help you develop your own unique brand, your recruitment campaign, recruitment materials and all communication to candidates and employees.


HR Recruitment

Now, find and hire skilled local candidates but get all that tedious and time-consuming leg work done.
Right from head hunting candidates for you, to screening, shortlisting, and arranging interviews with you, Continuum team drastically cut down your time, expenses, and labour. Now have your pick of talent from Designers, website designer, digital marketing, online presence.


HR Consulting / Manpower Solution

We are offering domestic recruitment services where we source and pre-screen the candidates in accordance with the client requirements in order to deliver impeccable results.


Financial Services/ Advisory

We provide payroll and accounting outsourcing services to all sizes of businesses across all sectors. Whether it’s a large business looking to increase revenues while reducing cost or a small company that is looking to keep their nose out of lengthy accounting process, we are here to provide them cost effective solutions with experts who have got more than 12 years of experience especially in UK & Ireland Accounting & Taxation.



Confirm training content, agenda outline & instructional approaches.



Build all training materials including presentations, workbooks, videos, job aids etc.



Gather input on training from user groups and final approval from executives.


Rollout Plan

Reproduce materials, prep instructors, and secure logistics for training sessions.



Prepare for and conduct all training sessions.


Follow Up

Develop and launch follow up training.

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