About Us

We guarantee that all our activities are conducted in a fully confidential manner, with the utmost respect for the integrity of the enterprise and the candidate.

Realising Human Potential

Continuum Workforce is a young and an independently owned recruitment & human resources service provider with focus on helping SME’s and corporations growing to fulfil and outsource their Recruitment process & HR activities. Our team of highly skilled and experienced Recruiter’s & HR have distinguished careers in senior HR management roles and bring with them a wealth of practical experience to their work.
We believe in creating productive and fruitful relationships with our clients by adding value to their business and ensure that they get the very best return on their Recruitment & HR spend. Our solutions, advice and guidance are uniquely designed and shaped around the client’s exact requirements and objectives. With our highly expert team, every business will find the best solutions that will perfectly fit their needs.

Confidentiality Assured

We guarantee that all our activities are conducted in a fully confidential manner, with the utmost respect for the integrity of the enterprise and the candidate.
As an extension of this policy, Continuum Workforce does not send unsolicited/mass mail resumes to its client enterprises.
Our USP is we will give you personalise solution, we do understand every industry is different, ever company is different then how we can place same candidate.
We match your company’s culture with candidate so that they also can enjoy work with long term association.

Varied Sourcing Techniques

We have a proactive approach, involving various techniques such as advertising, web-based search, outsourced e-recruitment portals, head hunting, database search, and special campaign projects.
Along with industry-specific knowledge and intensive research, our consultants employ direct search and advertising-based selection. In addition, we use our knowledge, skills, discretion, and judgment to ensure the optimum shortlist for every position.

Our Vision

In the global knowledge-based economy, human capital is one of the key building blocks of any business enterprise. The worth of the enterprise grows in direct proportion to the quality of its human capital, their calibre, and their ability to shoulder mounting challenges in the ever-changing business environment.
To empower companies, especially small & Mid-size ( SME’s) around the globe with better alternatives to traditional outsourcing by providing them their own dedicated employees and office in the cloud, Our main vision is “ Same quality but significantly cost effective”
We, at Continuum Workforce, are committed to make the winning difference by bringing a touch of personal accountability to every position, thus winning appreciation from all our clients.

Our Approach

At Continuum Workforce, to be one stop destination for cloud based services, offering innovation but high effective business offshoring solutions by providing highly skilled virtual employee’s in every domain and field. We look at placement from a dual perspective.
For the enterprise, we ensure a perfect match between the candidate and the position filled, thus scaling up productivity for the employing organization. For the candidate, we ensure that the placement presents a comprehensive growth path. The personalities and ambitions of the enterprise and the candidate must be compatible for their relationship to succeed.

Ask anything with our Expert

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